Saturday Night Sunday Morning (Cassette)

Saturday Night Sunday Morning (Cassette)

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‘Saturday Night, Sunday Morning’ marks a bold and exciting new chapter for Jake Bugg. His 5th studio album is filled with catchy guitar hooks, rhythmic base lines & anthemic choruses giving the record a huge euphoric feel. Cleverly set against more introspective songs with beautifully crafted lyrics, the album plays with a spectrum of emotions that we can all relate to. Jake says it was “the most fun he’s ever had making a record”. The album, released on 20th August, features singles ‘Kiss Like the Sun’ and gospel-infused anthem ‘All I Need’.

Track list:


  1. All I Need
  2. Kiss Like The Sun
  3. About Last Night
  4. Downtown
  5. Rabbit Hole


  1. Lost
  2. Scene
  3. Lonely Hours
  4. Maybe It’s Today
  5. Screaming
  6. Hold Tight